Downhole Tools

General Overview

We offer a wide range of downhole equipment for the oil & gas industry. With fully trained and qualified personnel, we are equipped to provide complete  technical, engineering and field support services to our customers in the installation, operation and maintenance of all equipment that we provide on both Sale and Rental basis. The brand of custom-made down-hole equipment is manufactured in the USA, specifically to meet our customer requirements and to our specifications. SAS International offers a complete line of Completion Tools, Drilling and Fishing Equipment, Service Tools and related accessories, all designed to meet the needs and operating conditions of our customers. SAS International brand Equipment includes (but is not limited to):

  • Single or dual string, retrievable or permanent completion packers and accessories
  • Liner hanger systems (mechanical & hydraulic)
  • Flow control equipment – sliding sleeves, seating nipples, plugs, etc
  • Wireline tools, coiled tubing tools and accessories
  • Expansion joint, on/off tools, Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR) assemblies
  • Retrievable liner systems, permanent internal casing patches
  • Service tools, squeeze packers, Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP), perforation wash tools
  • Cement retainers and permanent bridge plugs (mechanical and wireline set)
  • External Casing Packer (ECP), inflatable packer systems
  • Comprehensive experiences for supply the Completions tools in Indonesia
  • Competitive price
  • After sales services
  • API certificate

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