Drilling Systems

Over the last 29 years Drilling Systems has developed a full range of simulators for academia from classroom based multi-user instructor-led systems to full-scale rig-floor simulators and training suites.

The most effective way of improving competence is through utilizing progressive and continuous learning and development programs. These should incorporate robust and verified competence programs utilising simulation which can then be embedded into an organization’s operational culture.
With the very difficult and challenging times currently facing the industry it has never been more vitally important that an organization provides excellent safety and operational performance. In order to achieve that standard of excellence an organization must have the most competent and capable people.

We have now introduced our Integrated Advisory Service with the objective of improving performance and productivity at the rig site even further.
By conducting an assessment of your workforce’s actual competence standards and completing a detailed analysis of your learning, development, competence programs and training infrastructure we can help you to understand where the strengths and improvement opportunities are in your operation.

Drilling System Products: