Gas Turbine Generator

General Overview

Demands for power generation as well as processed heat have become very important for a lower cost high efficiency dynamic market environment. For that, our gas turbine range has been designed and tailored to help you meet those challenges. Our models with capacities ranging from 0,6 to 50 MW may fulfill the high requirements of a wide spectrum of applications.  Our Gas Turbine Series are able to operate in Co-generation services, supplying both electricity and heat (steam, hot water, direct heat) by collecting waste heat with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), heat exchanger, or dryer, and in Combined Cycle with a steam turbine generator. With high total thermal efficiency, our gas turbine Series is capable of very economical operation, equipped with an alarm/protection system and is capable of automatic operation.

Our gas turbines are developed from state of the art high quality equipment following the latest technology and high total thermal or combined heat and power efficiency

Following are the main characteristic of Our Gas Turbine:

  • High Efficiency
    • World Highest Efficiency(40,1%) in 30MW
  • Dual Fuel (Gas/Liquid)
  • Small Footprint
    • GPB 15/17: L:6.0 m x W:1.85 m
  • Lower NOx Emision @15%O2 9-25ppm
  • Ease of Maintenance and Inspection
    • Short Time Maintenance
    • World Longest Overhaul Interval
    • Minimize Down Time
  • 99,9% Starting Reliability
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost by larger heat recovery capability

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